New Type Rating Programme for Boeing 737 MAX

Issue: 5 / 2021

BAA Training has launched a new Boeing 737 MAX Type Rating programme as authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority. The programme delivered in BAA Training Spain’s training facilities encompasses theoretical knowledge instruction and training in the brand new full flight simulator. The Boeing 737 MAX Type Rating will be offered to corporate and individual clients looking to gain competence in flying the Boeing 737 MAX. The aircraft is currently allowed to fly in the United States, Europe and other countries except for China which is also getting closer to ending the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX. The Boeing 737NG to Boeing 737 MAX Differences Training will highlight critical differences between the types, creating a smooth and convenient route to flying the Boeing 737 MAX for pilots already type-rated on Boeing 737NG. The programme will include computer-based and simulator training while fully complying with EASA’s standards and Boeing’s recommendations.

Arunas Miezanskas, Head of Training at BAA says, “Our professional team has prepared a new quality Boeing 737 MAX Type Rating programme for licensed pilots who want to fly the Boeing 737 MAX type professionally and safely. The programme has been written in line with the stiff EASA requirements and covers all the crucial elements, including, but not limited to Boeing 737 MAX FCC and MCAS, multiple flight deck alerts during non-normal conditions, and stabiliser trim. We expect to train pilots for a number of airlines in Europe and others with Boeing 737 MAX in their fleet.”