Embraer’s Executive Care Programme for Business Jets

Issue: 5 / 2021

In October this year, Embraer celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Embraer Executive Care support programme for business jets at the 2021 National Business Aviation Association annual convention. The Programme is for improving the overall experience with Executive Care through improved processes and focus on relationships. Previously known as “EEC”, the programme is now adopting its full name: Embraer Executive Care. The name stands for what Embraer provides to its customers, namely care and support. “Embraer Executive Care supports our goal to provide customers with the ultimate experience in business aviation. We will continue to focus on customer needs and add value to this Programme to sustain the growth and retention that we have enjoyed for 15 years,” explains Marsha Woelber - Head of Worldwide Customer Support & Aftermarket Sales, Embraer Services & Support.

Through Embraer Executive Care, the Company is constantly improving that experience. Planning, budgeting and support are rolled together under a fixed monthly fee, plus an hourly charge for flight hours to make support simple for customers to anticipate. Costs for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance items are set and known at enrolment in the programme. Covering maintenance, as well as parts, normal wear, freight, exchange, labour and even rescue teams and guided by Embraer’s OEM expertise and support, these can be chosen according to one of three coverage plans available that suit customer’s needs, budget and requirements - Prime Parts, Standard and Enhanced. Throughout a fiveyear cycle, the benefits of the Programme include actual savings compared to the costs of scheduled and unscheduled events in the same term, cutting expenditures and promoting a better experience. With representatives in South America, North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific countries, over 700 aircraft are currently trusted to Embraer Executive Care for support.