Green Aerolease and Pipistrel Aircraft announce a partnership to accelerate the deployment of electric aviation in France and in Europe

January 26, 2021 Photo(s): By Pipistrel Aircraft
Velis Electro in flight

Green Aerolease, subsidiary of the W3 group founded by Charles Cabillic, announce the first partnership with Pipistrel Aircraft, world leader in Type-certified electric aviation. This agreement, concluded with the support of the French Federation of Aeronautics, will start with an order of 50 EASA Type-certified 2-seat aircraft Pipistrel Velis Electro, designed for PPL pilot training. This initiative is a part of the group philosophy aiming to accelerate the environmentally responsible transition of light aviation in France and in other European countries.

Pipistrel Aircraft, founded in 1989, is among the world leaders in design and production ofaffordable environmentally friendly General aviation aircraft. Pioneer in terms of state-of-the-art technology for light aviation, Pipistrel is the first European aircraft manufacturer, and the only one so far, to obtain an aircraft certification from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for its electric aircraft, the Pipistrel Velis Electro, the ideal aircraft for initial training of pilots. With this Pipistrel proves that electric aircraft is not only possible, but alsocommercially useful. Velis Electro currently offers the maximum level of performance, whichis achievable with current and modern technology.

In the scope of this partnership, Green Aerolease and Pipistrel Aircraft reinforce theircommitment in favor of a sustainable air transport sector and of the regional mobility, allowingthe deployment of low noise and zero-emission electric aircraft to regional airports and urbanareas, where the noise level does not allow piston engine aircraft.

In partnership with the French Federation of Aeronautics, the initial 50 aircraft will be offered for rent to pilot schools and clubs to ensure the new generation of pilot training. Indeed, 84% ofclubs think that electric aviation is a solution to environmental constraints and around 70%among them are willing to equip themselves with this new aircraft. In Europe there are morethan 100 small GA airports which have severe flight restrictions, or the training there is not allowedbecause of noise. Velis Electro with only 60 dB of noise can bring back the flight to all of them.The expected deployment, first off in France, will be done as soon as mid-2021 and will spreadprogressively to several European countries.

Green Aerolease is focused on accompanying and financing the decarbonization of the airtransport and light aviation sectors by accelerating breakthrough innovations in the domainof mobilities. Within the next 3 years, 200 Pipistrel electric aircraft are to be deployed inFrance and in the coming few years to other countries through AAS (Aircraft as A Service).Finesse Max, Pipistrel distributor in France, will work in partnership with Green Aerolease to manage the support, after-sales service and maintenance network in order to keep the highest availabilityfor the Velis fleet.

According to Charles Cabillic, founder of W3 and Green Aerolease: "We are particularly proudto make this partnership with Pipistrel Aircraft, pioneer of breakthrough innovation in the lightaviation sector. I am convinced that the aeronautical sector has a great future, with theprogressive arrival within two to three years, of light electric or hybrid aircraft designed forbusiness travel or leisure aviation, because it will permit to revive the French aviation. Thesefuture aircraft are, indeed, an answer to the growing stakes of regional mobility toensure theeconomical regional continuity and the serving of middle-sized cities. Consequently, it isessential to anticipate from now on the capacity to dispense professional trainings to our futurepilots."

According to Ivo Boscarol, founder and CEO of Pipistrel Aircraft: "I am delighted to see the confidence given to us by Green Aerolease who decided to commit with us to participate in the reduction of the environmental impact of the aeronautical sector. TheEuropeancertification of our Velis Electro, designed for initial training of pilots, is an important step towards thedevelopment of a carbon neutral-fleet of aircraft, respectful of the environment. This partnershipwill allow the use of zero-emission aircraft to the clubs and schools who are not in theposition to invest in procuring an aircraft fleet, but they can afford reasonable monthly rentalfees. With this concept Green Aerolease will accelerate the energy transition of aviation to climate-neutral and emission-free following the guidelines of the European Green Deal and helpPipistrel to reach its objective to sell 200 Velis Electro until end of 2021."

According to Jean-Luc Charron, president of the French Federation of Aeronautics: "The French Federation of Aeronautics has always supported innovation. With Pipistrel, we createda FabLab two years ago at Toussus-Le-Noble to test this brand-new electric aircraft. Thus,more than 200 flight hours were done with great performances, very important noisereduction and also a tremendous reduction of carbon emissions. After the experimentation, itis now time to deploy the aircraft fleet, and I am very proud to support this project which willallow clubs to create a new dynamic in this aeronautical world which is living anunprecedented transformation."