Satair Group and Safran Nacelles sign lifetime contract for supply chain services for A340-500/600 engine nacelle spare parts and components

June 21, 2017 Photo(s): By Satair
Left to Right: Jean Paul Alary, Safran Nacelles CEO and Bart Reijnen, CEO of Satair Group

Satair Group has signed its first major contract with Safran Nacelles, covering global lifetime supply chain services for engine nacelle partsand components usedon Airbus A340-500/600 jetliners.

Under theterms of the agreement, Satair Group has now assumedresponsibility over Safran Nacelles' entire supply chain for the A340 nacelleelements,carrying outsupport duties through the lifetimes of the four-engine aircraft.There are currently 90 A340-500/600s in operation, and Satair Group estimates the aircraft type will remain in service beyond 2030.

A physical transfer of Safran Nacelles' A340 nacelle parts inventory has been made from the company's Paris support center to Satair Group's Copenhagen facility. Safran Nacelles will continue a direct working relationship with its A340 customers for overall customer support, nacelle maintenance and repair (MRO) services - as well as engineering support.

"This agreement with Satair Group, on the entire supply chain for this legacy nacelle program,enables us to focus on our utmost mission as a nacelle designer and integrator for current and future programs, while also maintaining our MRO and technical support provided to A340 operators," explained Safran Nacelles CEO Jean Paul Alary. "With Satair Group, we have found a partner thatbrings its logistic expertise to manage efficiently the supply chain."

Bart Reijnen, CEO of Satair Group commented: "We look forward to working closely with Safran Nacelles inensuring the best possible logistics services for its customers, who will benefit from the ability to pool more parts through our efficient supply chain and global distribution."

The A340-500/600 nacelle was the first such system completely designed and supplied by Safran Nacelles, elevating it from a component manufacturer to a nacelle integrator.